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About Us

About Us

The Company…..Natural-Sports-Colour
Natural Sports combines the most experienced team of designers and installers in the field of Parkour with a network of dedicated practitioners to provide our clients with a unique dedicated service specifically aimed at Parkour and the development of facilities that will both enhance the location it is situated in and develop the sport in the United Kingdom and the world.

Our Experience…..

While Natural Sports has only been around as a trading entity for 2 years our roots lie firmly in the mainstream conception of Parkour in the United Kingdom, prior to the development of the British and European standard for Parkour.

The main team at Natural sports have actually been involved in the design and Installation of over 30 Parkour Training Facilities since 2007 and have the most experienced team in he UK.

Driven by the people involved in Parkour

To enhance our experience and expertise we are the only company that has developed a network of ADAPT Level 2 Parkour coaches throughout the United Kingdom who have a unique knowledge of the Parkour community in their area. This network includes one of the founders of the sport Sebastien Foucan and enables us to be right at the heart of the Parkour community.

We strive to push the boundaries of our design and are passionate about developing Parkour and Parkour Training Facilities in the United Kingdom and the world.

We have a long established partnership with Parkour UK and are the only company that has been involved in the development of both the Current British Standard (BS 10075) and the European Standard due for publication in late 2015.

What makes us unique…..

With no affiliations to profit driven companies Natural Sports has developed our range of products specifically with the end user in mind and instead of us using sales orientated representatives, at the core of Natural Sports lie a network of dedicated practitioners each picked for their dedication to the development of the sport. We actively encourage our clients to come up with new ideas and have the ability to design and manufacture bespoke and unique products with relatively short turn around times.