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Existing space

Positive use of existing space

With growing numbers of organised Parkour groups across the country, public acceptance of the activity and the way that users view and use their environment is fast expanding.

Parkour Training Facilities can enhance an existing space and experience has shown us that when a facility has been installed the local Parkour community take ownership and pride in the location and ensure that the facility is looked after.

Parkour is not only beneficial for those who choose to practice, but for their community as a whole.

“If Ten Downing Street can open its doors to something as adventurous as freerunning I hope it will inspire other people to see what their building could be used for”.

David Cameron, Prime Minister, The Times (October 2011)

Parkour Training Facilities cater for anyone over the age of 8 years old (ParkourUK recommended age for beginners) and therefore cater for a very large demographic that in most play areas is under catered for.