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Thomas Freke

Thomas Freke – Sales, Design and Technical Design (Director)

Thomas has been involved in the design, supply and installation Play and Leisure facilities for over 14 years. Over the last 10 years he has designed in excess of 100 Parkour training facilities of which many have been installed making him one of, if not the most experienced Parkour Training Facility designer in the world.

He has attended initial consultations and lead the development of designs with practitioners and user groups through his knowledge of the product and activity and developed these designs in line with the British Standard 10075, BS EN 16899:2016 and where relevant BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177.

He was involved in the development of the British Standard for Parkour through the early designs he created being design risk assessed and then these assessments being passed onto key members of the British standards Committee that developed the standard.

He works closely with a number of Level 2 ADAPT qualified practitioners and other industry groups to develop designs that fulfil all of the stakeholders needs.

Thomas also involves himself in the detailed drawing and installation of these facilities ensuring that the facilities meet the needs of all stakeholders through to final completion and site opening including attendance at the site opening to be able to answer any design related questions visitors may have.