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The Design and Consultation Process

As the process of procuring a Parkour Training Facility is a new experience for most, we have provided a step by step guide to help you through the process and to help you achieve the best possible results.

From learning more about the activity and its trends to funding, designing, installing and coaching, we offer support at every stage of the process.

This process outlines the most common stages and the order in which they happen however no two projects are ever the same and some of the steps maybe missed or done in a different order.

  • Step One
  • Step Two
  • Step Three
  • Step Four
  • Step Five
  • Step Six
  • Step Seven
  • Step Eight
  • Step Nine
  • Step Ten

Step One

Contacting a member of the Natural Sports team at the start of your journey will mean you can drive your project forward efficiently and with confidence that the most experienced Parkour Training Facility developers are behind you.

You can contact us in various ways:

  • Through one or our Area Sales Managers
  • Through Thomas Freke the Design Manager
  • Through Marcus Reader the Managing Director
  • Or via one of our social networking sites

Step Two

We will arrange to call or meet you to discuss the potential for a Parkour Training Facility.

We can advise you and put you in contact with your local authority, local practitioner groups or other local organisations that may be able to assist you in achieving your goal of creating a Parkour Training Facility.

We will provide you with a single point of contact within our organisation who you can contact at any time regarding your project.

Step Three

After putting you in contact with the relevant organisations we can attend an initial meeting where various things can be discussed including: the needs of the organisations involved, the benefits of a Parkour Training Facility, potential cost, budget and funding, potential locations, long term effects, and follow up programmes.

Step Four

Once interest is confirmed and in order to raise funds and generate sufficient support from the local community it is essential to have clear details of the proposed Parkour Training Facility.

By providing the various interested parties with the opportunity to work with our designers and Parkour specialists who understand the value of the practitioner’s input we have an unrivalled consultation and design service that creates unique Parkour Training Facilities specifically tailored to the needs of the local community.

We encourage all to express their needs, share their vision and apply their creativity through group conversation, drawing and photography.

Using the information gained in these sessions, our designers suggest ways of maximising opportunities within the facility. They then create plans, three dimensional images and detailed proposals.

This flexible approach to design enables our designers to communicate directly with the organisations involved making modifications to the design until everyone is in agreement of the potential of the final version.

This process naturally harnesses the community’s passion for the activity, builds a more personal association to the park and people involved and provides a wider variety of unique movement opportunities. This in turn makes our bespoke parks more attractive to everyone by guaranteeing a higher level of use and longevity.

All our Parkour Training Facility designs conform to the British Standard for Parkour BS 10075: 2012 and our own design risk assessment guidelines.

Step Five

Once a design is created funding can be sought from the various organisations involved in the project.

Step Six

Once funding is secured for you project Natural Sports can provide 3D visuals of the proposal and attend public consultations to discuss Parkour and the Parkour Training Facility in detail with the local community and other organisations involved.

Step Seven

After the consultation if any amendments are required to the design of the Parkour Training Facility Natural Sports will work again with the various interested parties to provide a solution that meets the needs of all those involved in the project.

We will then produce final 3D visuals and a detailed proposal of the Parkour Training Facility including any information required if the Parkour Training Facility needs to be ordered through a tender process.

Step Eight

Once an order has been placed with Natural Sports it is processed by one of our contract administrators. A member of our design department will then liaise with our manufacturing and installation teams.

Manufacturing and Installation drawings are created and reviewed and any deliveries are scheduled, detailed timing plans are put into place to meet the required deadlines for installation.

The manufacture and installation of our Parkour Training Facilities are performed by teams with over 20 years experience of working with the materials and products used in a Parkour Training Facility and have more experience in the provision and installation of Parkour Training Facilities than any other teams in the world.

A dedicated contracts manager is assigned to each installation we undertake. This helps ensure that all site operations are carried out to the latest health and safety standards, installation drawings are strictly adhered to and so that our clients have a single point of contact with the installation team.

In some circumstances user groups are given the opportunity to visit the site as the installation is taking place to finalise the location of elements such as rubber stepping logs and small boulders where their final position is flexible and better located when the users can interact with the site.

Step Nine – Site Handover

When the Parkour Training Facility meets the specifications as set out in the drawings and an independent health and safety expert has risk assessed and approved the site, we hand the site over to the purchasing organisation with detailed information on the elements included in the Parkour Training Facility, a guide to its regular inspection and maintenance and other information .

At this stage we can assist in the organisation of a launch event to promote the Parkour Training Facility and celebrate it’s opening.

Where possible we can provide of a small team of practitioners with at least one Level two coach to attend the opening of the facility and provide demonstration and coaching where required.

We can also advertise the event on our website and various social networking sites and assist in the production of promotional materials if required.

Step Ten – Education and Progression

In partnership with our team of qualified practitioners and coaches we can offer you a coaching package for your new facility using ADAPT qualified coaches to ensure that interest is maintained in the facility.