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Steel Elements

Steel Elements

Natural Sports Facilities are made from a unique selection of pre cast concrete and bespoke steel elements.

When used in conjunction with the pre cast elements or as stand alone items our bespoke steel elements enhance any facility design.

Our Bespoke Steel elements are designed and developed in house in conjunction with our partners utilising the years of experience we have in the design and manufacture of Parkour Training Facilities.

The modular and flexible nature of these products mean we can produce exciting and unique designs every time… the possibilities are endless.

Below are some of the bespoke steel elements we have designed and we are continually developing and adding to this range giving us the most flexible range of products in the market today.

We emphasise that these combinations are an example only and not necessarily the combinations we would use to design our facilities, they are however a good starting point and sometimes create the basis of larger facilities.

Bespoke Steel Frame SF01B

Bespoke Steel Frame SF02B

Bespoke Steel Frame SF03B

Bespoke Steel Frame SF04B

Bespoke Steel Frame SF05B

Bespoke Steel Frame SF06B

Bespoke Steel Frame SF07B

Bespoke Steel Frame SF08B

Bespoke Steel Frame SF09B

Bespoke Steel Frame SF01B

Other Steel Elements

We also produce a number of smaller steel elements which can be fixed to our concrete elements creating unique opportunities other suppliers do not offer.  This is just a small selection of the elements we have used to enhance a facilities design.

Bespoke Steel Element C-1

Bespoke Steel Element C-2

Bespoke Steel Element C-3

Bespoke Steel Element C-4