Oakley Road in Shepshed

Parkour Construction


CLIENT: Future Generations and Shepshed Town Council

BUDGET: £40,000

PROJECT: To design and install a new Parkour facility within an already established park which had a traditional playground and skate park.


Parkour expert Luke Dixon, Future Generations worked with Shepshed Town Council for around a year to bring this ever-increasing sport to the town.

Luke and Brenda Snape from Shepshed Town Council successfully raised £40,000 of funding. A space was allocated within Oakley Wreck Park which already had a traditional playground and skate park.

Luke was aware of the expertise of Natural Sports having attended the opening of Southfields Parkour in Loughborough. He made contact to share his ideas and the desire to design a new parkour facility. After a very encouraging consultation, Natural Sports were appointed as the supplier for design and installation.


From the initial meeting Luke knew exactly what he wanted which made it a straight forward process. Natural Sports worked closely with all parties to ensure designs met the needs of the local Parkour community. Following on from a meeting with the Town Council, final designs were approved.

Once on site, the Natural Sports installation team recognised that access could be a challenge due to remote allocation within the park. This was soon resolved, and the facility was complete and handed over within two weeks.