Salt Hill Park in Slough

Parkour Construction


CLIENT: Slough Borough Council and Proludic

BUDGET: £80,000 (inc other works)

PROJECT: To regenerate an area which was being misused, by implementing a Parkour facility and small extension to an existing skate park.


The Salt Hill Parkour project was in conjunction with Proludic and Slough Borough Council. The Council approached Natural Sports as they wanted to implement a Parkour facility as part of regeneration of the area. The facility was to be sited on existing tennis courts which were not used.

The aim of the facility was to have a place where children of all ages could meet and participate in physical activities.

Although the clients had an idea of what they wanted in the area, an initial consultation meeting was organised with Natural Sports and the local community. The community were in favour of a new Parkour facility and a small extension to the existing skatepark.


Natural Sports created designs that would challenge current Parkour users, but also encourage new users to participate in freerunning. Final designs were well received by local practitioners and the Council and the project was given the go ahead.

The facility was split between low level elements on the existing macadam area and higher elements including Natural Sports, signature ‘table’ element and frame work on rubber mulch surfacing.


It took 8 weeks to complete and handover this project, this included manufacture of elements and installation.

The official opening was widely promoted with over 40 people attending, including support from Councillor Joginder Bal, commissioner for the environment and leisure. During the event Parkour coaches demonstrated how best to use the park.