Woodlands Academy in Spilsby

Parkour Construction

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CLIENT: CIT Academies

BUDGET: £15,500

PROJECT: To design and install a new Parkour facility which will motivate and encourage pupils to be more active.


CIT Academies were interested in implementing a facility at Woodlands Academy in Spilsby that would motivate the school’s pupils. Due to the difficulty of the children’s needs, the Academy felt that the more traditional approach to physical fitness and emotional wellbeing did not engage or motivate their children. Many of the pupils expressed their interest in Parkour free running activities which they were involved in outside of school time.

CIT Academies approached Natural Sports knowing that we are Europe’s leaders in the design and install of Parkour Facilities.


The Academy had allocated space within the school grounds for the facility to be installed. Natural Sports came up with a number of designs in line with the allocated budget. Final designs were agreed and signed off. There were limitations on what equipment could be installed, due to budget restrictions, however, Natural Sports made the facility challenging but suitable to users of all abilities.

The installation was straight forward and took around 2 weeks to complete, following the manufacture of all elements.

“Our newly installed Parkour circuit is a fantastic addition to facilities for our pupils. It is helping them to develop their fitness in a safe space. We had East Midlands Parkour Coaching spend the day with the children when it was first installed, and it was a great success. We have found the pupils to be more engaged than usual and keen to listen and learn new exercise techniques. Thanks to Ten Construction for the installation.” Chris Armond, Executive Head at Woodlands Academy in Spilsby, Lincolnshire

 “It’s so much fun because there aren’t any limits or rules, you can do any moves you like.” Woodlands Academy Pupil, Ollie (11)